Grow Your Own BEER Hops Plant In A Can - Just Add Water

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Grow Your Own BEER Hops Plant In A Can - Just Add Water

Grow Your Own Beer (Hops Plant)

Real hops in a can - just add water!

Remove upper lid, pour water slowly until contents are soaked with water. Let out any excess by opening the outlet at the bottom of the soil, close with plastic cap. Place tin in light sunny position.

Pour in water regularly and keep at a constant temp of 18-22 degrees. Germination time approx 20-25 days. 


  • Artificial soil containing hops plant seeds
  • Extra seeds for planting into a flower pot or soil

Hops are the female flower clusters of the plant, which belong to the hemp plant family that grow throughout the northern hemisphere. It is a fast growing plant which has heart shaped leaves. Hops have many uses in brewing and medicine.

Today hops are agricultural crops which are an essential ingredient for making beer!

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