Whirley-Pop Hand Crank Popping Machine - Stove Top Popcorn Maker Pan

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Whirley-Pop Hand Crank Popping Machine - Stove Top Popcorn Maker Pan
Wabash Valley Farms
Whirley-Pop Hand Crank Popping Machine
Popcorn Making Pan

America's favourite popcorn popper makes healthy, tasty popcorn snack that is so much fun to pop!
  • Makes up to 6 quarts of perfect popcorn in about half the time of microwave popcorn, approximately 6 litres
  • The Whirley-Pop Popcorn Popper allows moisture to escape during popping, so your popcorn is always tender and crispy
  • Hardwood handle stays cool and keeps your hands away from steam and heat
  • Removable lid with quick release for easy cleaning, just wipe with a paper towel and store for later use
  • Ideal for use with Zaramama popping oil
  • Pan is approximately 24cm x 24cm x 15cm in size
  • Made in America by Wabash Valley Farms
  • Suitable for use on all gas and electric hobs (not suitable for use on induction hobs)
  • Make perfect popcorn every time
  • Simply pour into a bowl when popped and add your choice of butter, salt, sugar or other popcorn seasoning

According to legend, perfect popcorn did not exist until old Phineas Whirley came along with his amazing hand-crank popcorn machine. For years old Mr Whirley fought the frustrations of corn stuck to the bottom of his pan and kernals that didnt pop. "What if I could move the kernels around without moving the whole pan?" he thought. By attaching a crank to a stirring device that whirled along the bottom, and turning from the side to avoid steam on the fingers, Mr Whirley was delighted to find that not only did every kernel pop, but not one was stuck to the bottom. After that Mr Whirley added wood to the handle to keep it cool and vents to the lid to allow moisture to escape. 

Now you can enjoy the same wonderful taste that Mr Whirley discovered in your own home with your own Genuine Whirley-Pop Hand-Crank Popping Machine!
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